*This Page is Currently Under Construction*

This is where I will be putting additional resources such as: file downloads, audio files like recordings of teleseminars or meditation audios.  I will also be putting helpful videos here such as how to read a food label.

My Free Podcasting recordings will also find a home here once construction is done!

Here are some PDF Downloads for Health Histories:

Men’s Confidential Health History

Women’s Confidential Health History

Here are some additional Resource Pages:

Recipes (coming soon!)

Become a Health Coach

Annette’s Recommendations from her Store

What the Bleep Site Map

Annette’s Fad Diet Index

Cool People & Cool Stuff that Annette Uses

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, then feel free to use the Google Search Bar below.

I want you to have the information and resources that you are looking for.  If it’s not here, I still want you to have it.

Happy searching!

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