Your Throat Chakra & Your Health: Communication, Your True Voice & A Sore Throat

Are you comfortable speaking your mind?

Or do you find it challenging to find the words you need to express yourself?

Are you plagued by constant sore throats?

Or an on-again, off-again love-hate relationship with your thyroid?

All of these are issues associated with an imbalance of your fifth chakra- Vishuddha, your throat chakra.

I don’t know about you, but I know some people who have no problem saying exactly what’s on their mind, no matter who wants (or doesn’t want) to hear it.

Likewise, I know plenty of people who are quieter than quiet and it takes pulling some teeth to get them to speak up.

I’ve fallen on both ends of that spectrum, both fortunately and unfortunately.

And I’m sure that you might have as well.

Your throat chakra is responsible for communication and expression.  It is also linked to truth and honesty.

This is a fun chakra to work with because its physical manifestions are cut and dry.

Sore throats, swollen or tights glands in your throat as well as thyroid and parathyroid issues are all in the realm of the throat chakra.  You may also experience a headache due to tight neck muscles.

When you are feeling open, expressive and honest, your throat chakra is balanced.  When you have throat issues or cannot express yourself or your truth, then you are out of balance.

This is pretty straightforward.

What is not straightforward is why we lose our ability to express ourselves or why we find it hard to speak the truth.

Perhaps we are repressing emotions and find it difficult to share with others.  Maybe we feel like no one else can relate or that we are wrong in our feelings.

Maybe you fear that your opinion might be met with opposition, that you could anger someone or that you could be alienated for what you believe.

Why should this be an issue?

Check back in your history books.

This is exactly what was behind all major incidents that I can recall.

Or maybe you are overly vocal in your opinions and you have alienated others.  Perhaps you are harsh and cruel in your speech and you are judgmental or deceitful.

These are all examples of an imbalanced throat chakra.

So why is this important for our health?

And what can we take from this chakra in order to improve upon our health?

It is within our human nature to be social creatures.

When you feel like you cannot express yourself or appropriately communicate with others, you can alienate yourself or you can alienate others.

This goes against our basic nature.

When you alienate or feel alienated, there is a desire to withdraw, a desire to take up habits that are both protective and potentially destructive.

You can fall into destructive patterns that only enforce your inability to effectively communicate with others.  This creates a cycle of unhealthy habits that becomes increasingly difficult to break out of.

Perhaps it becomes over-eating, alcohol, drug abuse or isolation, any way you look at it, an imbalance in your throat chakra is something to be taken seriously.

If you look at your reoccurring sore throats as just “nothing”, then you might be playing with something more dangerous than cough syrup.

If you allow someone else to speak for you, then you are giving up your right to speak your truth, to be completely honest and ask for what you need.

Your throat chakra is not just about communication, but in your ability to feel free and unhindered in that communication and personal expression.

Maybe you won’t see the physical effects immediately, but this chakra is more concerned with your long-term health.

So what do we do?

Find any way you can initially to acknowledge your truth.  Maybe it’s through writing, drawing or speaking with a trusted friend- whatever it is, allow yourself that space.

Begin expressing your opinions verbally in a safe space and then allow yourself the time and courage to step up to a bigger or more challenge forum.

This is a life-long journey.  Honest communication is not something that you just wake up having.  It’s a process that will continue for as long as you live.

Again, listen to your body.  Find out what it’s physical and emotional cues are.

Experiment, be brave, be honest and allow yourself the freedom and space to express your true self.

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