Your Sacral Chakra & Your Health: Fertility, Desire, Creativity & Your Hips

Quick question.

Do you always have tight hips or hamstrings?  Can you touch your toes?

Yes on the tightness and no on the toe-touching?

Did you know that these two things are directly related to an imbalance in your Sacral Chakra?

Tightness or stiffness in a joint can be correlated to an energy blockage in the chakra, or power center, that presides over it.  In this case, your second chakra is in charge.

Svadhishthana- your sacral energy center-  is one of the most common chakras to see an energy block.

Case in point, tight hips and leg muscles.

The tightness is literally holding the energy back, or holding it in as the case may be.  While you may attribute this tightness to some other physical stressor, I believe that by becoming more mindful of what is going on with you body, then you can begin to see patterns or habits that are quite possibly directly related to you sacral or sexual chakra.

In some instances, the word “sacral” can be substituted for the word “sexual”,  however, I believe that this energy center is really so much more.

It is directly related to your reproductive system- hence, sexual chakra- but also to your creativity as well as desire, relationships and change.

How are you doing when it comes to your reproductive system, creativity, desire and relationships?  How well do you adapt to change?

Just as in other chakra power centers, an imbalance in this one can result in your body sending subtle or not so subtle signals to your brain.

Are you listening to what it has to say?

And if you are truly listening, what are you doing about it?

An imbalance here can physically manifest as infertility, bladder problems, allergies, internal power struggles and, as mentioned above,  tightness in the hips and muscles around the hips.

Interestingly enough, an imbalance here could also result in obesity.  I say this with a little trepidation because I don’t want you to think that you now have something to blame.

Let’s take a step back.

What did I mean when I included internal power struggles above?

My intention was to draw a picture for you in terms of a concrete concept for a non-concrete idea.

You can imagine power struggles to be between “good” and “bad”, in essence, a fight for the creation of either dominance or  balance between the two.

What if this power struggle was more of a process that had to do with the balancing of giving and receiving?

If I may draw a very loose parallel, reproduction- a huge part of the sacral chakra- is a balance of giving and receiving between a man and a woman.

Why could we not also relate that balance between giving and receiving to everything else this chakra governs?

Obesity or being overweight is an imbalance between giving and receiving.  You are “taking” more calories into your body than you are “giving” back.

The same could be said for your relationships.  Is there a balance between both giving and receiving?

Is there a balance with your desire or with your creative expression?

Where do you freely express yourself and where do you hold yourself back?

Along the same line, are you over-expressing yourself?  Is there a line where you cross over into overindulgence?

This is a most interesting chakra because it really does have a huge impact on the way we could all potentially live our lives.

So how do we incorporate all of this into our path towards greater health?

Or can we?

This balancing act between giving and receiving is a huge issue.  You are forced to decide where you stand- either to the point of overindulgence, extravagance, flamboyance or on the other end, vulnerability, tightness and chronic holding back or withdrawal.

The good news is that it’s never a black or white issue like you may imagine it to be.  The bad news is that we are already so caught up in the need to define ourselves that our emotions are so intertwined withe our definition of good or bad.

So what can we do?

If you find that you are blocked here, if you find that you are holding yourself back emotionally, that you feel “tight” or restricted, then the only choice you have is to find out what the cause or causes are.

Approach this from a gentle point of view because this can be a long-term or long-standing issue.

My personal suggestions run the gamut of gentle, restorative yoga to massage.  to any type of creative expression like dancing, drawing or singing.

But the most important step is that of acceptance.

Accept who you are, what you are and what you are capable of.

This is where true freedom exists and where you can find a stronger, more in balance sacral chakra and with that, greater health.

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