Energy Work

Energy can be a funny thing.  You can wake up one day with either an abundance or a lack of energy and have no idea why.

It happens to all of us!

The good news is that there is work that you can do or have someone do FOR you that will  help to positively affect your energy and the energy that surrounds you and your family.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a therapeutic touch healing modality put in simple terms.  It can be done with physical touch, with hands several inches above the body or even with a great amount of distance between the energy healer and the energy receiver.

If this sounds interesting, check out the official Reiki website.

You can also feel free to pick Annette’s brain on this amazing healing technique.

There are no restrictions.  Zero,  none, nothing.

Reiki can do no harm and is good for everyone and every situation or scenario.  The only thing I ask is that if you are currently under a licensed medical professional’s care, then please do not stop!

Reiki is a fantastic complimentary healing modality.  It can be used very successfully on minor health concerns that do not require a doctor’s care.

You have several options for Reiki Healing Energy Work.

In person Reiki Sessions

You have the option of in-person Reiki sessions.  These will take place in Nanuet, directions to be given after payment is received.

Please email Annette here in order to set up an appointment prior to purchase.


Distance Healing Sessions

Reiki can also very successfully be done without ever having to leave your own home.  Distance sessions last about 15 minutes, depending on your concern.  Because of the minimal time committment, I ask for donations rather than set up a pre-determined price point.

I do this because I would rather you recieve Reiki and then recieve the benefits without having to worry about a financial committment, no matter the size.

No one will be turned away.  Ever.

To give someone else the gift of Reiki

Reiki is a gift to everyone who is open to it.  This may also include family and friends of yours.

If you’d like to give someone the gift of reiki, in-person or a distance healing session- please email Annette here to set up that gift.

After the date and time has been confirmed, payment can be made below.