Book Review: “A Whole New Mind- Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future”

I am a voracious reader.  I love books and have loved them ever since I was little.  One of my favorite memories of my local library- other than getting my very 1st library card (I still have it btw)- was a reading contest held one summer.

There was a jungle theme as well as fuzzy stickers.  For every book you read, you got a sticker and if I remember correctly, a prize went to the top kids in the library.

Needless to say, I was not one of those kids but I took something away from that experience.

I could have “cheated” and read all the 15-30 pages books I could put my little hands on, get lots of stickers and, possibly, win.  OR I could have chosen books that I ready did want to read and get my stickers for that.

My honesty won out.  Sigh.

But this is a great lesson for all of us.

Why bother reading a book that will go quickly and painlessly if you don’t really want to read it?

Just spend your precious time- and I do mean PRECIOUS– to read a book you’ll actually get something out of.

Hence, my book reviews.

Let my nerdy bookworm side filter through all the current and not so current books that you might not have the time or willingness to read.

I’ll do the work for you!

Book Review #1: “A Whole New Mind- Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future” written by Daniel H. Pink

This book was recommended to me by a business mentor of mine who is, like many people I know, a conscious entrepreneur.

(Expect to be hearing that a lot more than you may be hearing now.)

By conscious I mean that she does business with her eyes open onto a broader spectrum, a more ethical path and ultimately more beneficial for all of our society.

It’s not just the “I want money and lots of it” business mindset.

So this book called out to her and me because it stresses the difference between traditional logical left brain thinking and artsy-fartsy right brain thinking.

Pink argues that we are in a very special time in our society’s evolution.  We have the means to get whatever we want- Abundance; we are outsourcing a lot of our repetitive, low skill tasks to countries like Asia that can do them not only faster but cheaper as well.  And we are relying so much more on computers to Automate tasks so that we work more efficiently.

Problems with the above are directed at Left brain oriented jobs.  Think of a job that can be done faster and cheaper by someone else.  Think of a job that can be automated by a machine.

This is where our future lies.  The only question is if you’re going to join in and figure out where your new role figures in OR how you’re going to get excessed out?

Pink outlines 6 different skills, along with tasks, exercises or assignments that will support your right brain growth and development.

My Take:

I loved this book.  I understand how I am calling a country on the other side of the world when I have a problem with my computer.  I see how I no longer get as much personal attention when jobs get sent off to computers or other machines.

I wanted to learn how I could protect myself because, let’s face it, I’m not about to be okay with my job being given to someone else, to have it be automated or to be outdone by a computer.

It’s called survival.

If you’re in any way in jeopardy of being outsourced, then take some time to pick this book up and thumb through it.

If you’re curious how focusing on your right brain can make you a better worker, business owner or entrepreneur, then you need this book.


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It’s a great product because I have read it myself and will only promote products and services that I, myself, have used and approved.

Just so you know  :  )

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