Your No Brainer Guide to Food

We are so lucky.

We are so lucky to be living in a time when food is so readily available.

No matter your financial standing, there is food to be had and a wide variety at that.

We may not like what is currently available to us, but I’ve complied a list of No-Brainer Foods that we all need to have in our diet.

This is more factual and biologically accurate than my tongue-in-cheek list from last time.

What you Need

1. Clean & Pure Water:  Water is essential to the proper functioning of our bodies.  We need it for food digestion, elimination, temperature control, energy production, movement and blood flow.  We cannot live a high quality of life without clean and pure water.

2. Clean Air:  No brainer, yes, but how many of us willingly breathe in dirty, contaminated air on a daily basis.  Smog, cigarette smoke, car or bus exhaust all contribute to less clean air.  You are the deciding factor as to your exposure.

3. An Appropriate Protein Source:  Whatever your lifestyle choice, you need protein.  Period.  Choose from animal (red meat, chicken, pork, fish, etc) sources or vegetarian (tofu, some grains, Dairy products and Whey, nuts and seeds, etc).  Protein forms the building blocks of our muscles.  In order to move well, you’ll need to feed your body with it’s building blocks.

4. Adequate Vitamins & Minerals:  Along with an appropriate protein source and water, adequate vitamins & minerals form another side to the proper functioning of the human body.  Get these by eating fruits, vegetables, dairy products if appropriate for your body, sea vegetables (such as Nori, Kombu & Wakame), animal sources of protein, nuts and seeds.

5. Fiber:  Hugely important for your proper digestion and elimination of foods from your body.  Without proper digestion, your body will not be able to function optimally.  Without proper elimination, your body can become septic and will further tax vital internal organs.

6. Carbohydrates or Other Sources of Sugar: I know that many people out there think that carbs are deadly in the fight against weight loss.  The problem with carbs is that they offer the quickest and easiest energy supply for our bodies.  Your job is to choose the most appropriate source, namely whole, intact grains.  Check the label, “whole” grains should be ingredient #1.

7. Fat:  We all need fat.  Aim for unsaturated or polyunsaturated fats mostly, but understand that we cannot function optimally without having some source of fat in our diets.  Diets severely low in fat can result in lower body temperature, decreased healing, loss of hair, dry skin, vitamin deficiencies among other issues.

What You Should Have

1. Fruits

2. Vegetables

3. Moderate levels of foods with Salt/Sodium, Iodine (to aid the functioning of the thyroid)

4. More Water

5. Adequate amounts of Rest & Sleep

6. More Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

7. More Variety in Your Diet

What You Rarely Need

1. A vitamin or supplement for every vitamin, mineral, micro-nutrient & macro-nutrient out in production.

2. The Newest fad diet

3. A list of what your favorite celebrity eats

4. A quick fix

5. Excessive amounts of Sweets, Sugar, Candy, Cookies

6. Excessive amounts of Salt and Sodium

What You Don’t Need At All

1. Excessive Alcohol or Drug Use

2. Excessive Coffee or Caffeine

3. Soda or Soft Drinks

4. Trans fats, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

5. Excessive amounts of Stress

6. High levels of Saturated Fats

7. High levels of Sugar and Sugar-laden products

8. Toxic foods, Toxic Environments, Toxic People & Toxic Relationships

Good luck!  Happy Eating!
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  • Kelly Brown

    The article is ver good. Write please more

  • Kelly Brown

    The article is ver good. Write please more

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