Why I’m Giving Up Bullsh*t for Lent & Why You Should Too

This is my first post that I’ve written on my blackberry so forgive me if the formatting, spelling & layout is all over the place. I’ll pretty it up later : )

Why am I writing blog entries on my blackberry?


Because getting to a computer & actually sitting down & writing what’s on my mind is an awful thing. It’s gotten incredibly difficult & I more often than not have to deal with a lot of bullsh*t to actually do it.

What? Why am I using that particular word?

Why bullsh*t?

Because it’s the most fitting & no matter how you read this, you’ve got the idea.

No loss in translation here.

I could’ve used plenty of other names or other words, but I’m sticking with this one.

So why am I giving up bullsh*t for lent?

Because it’s everywhere & it’s getting in my way of being productive and, let’s face it, happy.

I like being happy. I actually prefer it to the alternative.

But when something gets in my way, I get caught up &, if I’m lucky, I can sometimes catch myself mid-wallow.

Right before I get in too deep that it’ll take tons of ice cream to dig me out, I’ll see what I’m doing & I’ll try to stop getting all caught up. I try to stop myself from living in all that bullsh*t.

I kinda like that word- bullsh*t.

Anyway, I let myself get caught up. It stops all progress dead in its tracks.

Who do you think suffers throughout all of this?

Yup, you’re right. It’s me & only me.

No one else suffers but me.

But get this- I’m not really the only one who suffers.

We all suffer when I get caught up in all the bullsh*t.

Okay, before you start thinking that my ego has gotten out of control, that I think that the world revolves around me, think about it this way:

I’m meant to do something very specific with my life.

(I actually know what it is. I’ll be sharing that soon. Just not today. Trust me, it’s good.)

Since I’m meant to do something with my life, just like you, when I get caught up, I don’t fulfill that purpose.

(Ah, yes, you see where I’m going with this, finally!!!)

So we all suffer when I get caught up because I don’t fulfill or live up to that purpose. The good that I’m meant to do with my time here doesn’t happen or it happens way later than it should have OR even worse, I rush through & half a$$ it.

So I’m going to do whatever I can to do my part & live that purpose.

But there’s another piece to this.

I suffer when you get caught up too.

So maybe, you can think about giving up bullsh*t for lent too?

For my sake.

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