Who’s Fighting Who?

I’m writing this blog post to you as I sit on the floor next to my locker of the gym that I work at.


Yes, I’m sitting on the floor because I’m fighting another battle today.


What kind of battle?


I’m not really sure who I’m fighting.


Let me explain.


I’m fighting a battle of wills right now between myself (my brain) & myself (my body).


See, both are terribly stubborn & each want their own way.


Usually I like a little bit of conflict. Adds some spice to life.


But today, it has me hiding by my locker & away from anyone who might try to knock some sense into me.


I want to work out. I would go as far to say that I really enjoy working out. I love breaking a sweat, love being sore & really love the results.


(Come on, I’m human. )


But today, something is different.


I’m fighting it. And if I’m fighting it, then there’s a good reason why.


So I hide & I try to figure it out.


Problem is, I have to run off & teach a spinning class soon so I have GOT to get it together.


So where do I start?


I’m guessing in the same place that all of us would BEFORE we hit the stop button on the treadmill.


So I’m asking, what’s really going on for me today? What’s the honest truth?


Am I avoiding something or am I looking to prolong some “pain” that I’m going through?


The reason why I’m starting here is because my brain is really pushing.


It’s going, “Come on already! Get up off your butt & let’s just do this already. What is going on? Seriously, you do this too much.”


But my body is saying, somewhat quieter, “But I’m tired. I’ve been on my feet since 5 am & I need to rest. Do you want to get burnt out, again? I know we want to work out, but why now? Can’t we just put it off?”


This inner struggle is nothing new for me & I’m guessing, not too new for you either.


Whether your struggle is over exercise, food, work, family or almost anything else, its still a part of our everyday life.


I know only a few masters of their own bodies. Those lucky people who seem to have no trouble doing what they need to do, doing what they want to do & making it look so damned easy.


Seriously? I could hate those people.


But I’m friends with them, so there’s problem #1.


Problem #2 is that they aren’t really masters of their own bodies. They just appear that way. They have been able to come to terms with the internal struggle that they have & they just deal with it.


They won’t hide from the battle, they’ll just calmly sign the truce on the sidelines without an ounce of sweat.


How annoying is that?


So what can we take away from this?


We can realize that once we can get to the root of this inner struggle, then we can find the most constructive way to deal with it.


(In my case, sitting on the gym floor NOT getting my cardio in.)


Perhaps its not what you immediately think you SHOULD be doing. Maybe it ends up being something that you never considered in the first place.


Whatever form your battle comes in, how ever you choose to reconcile it, know that you are always in control, you are always the master of your own body, your own mind & your own spirit.


It just won’t always be easy & it won’t always be clean & neat.


But if you follow your truth, your honest answers about where this internal battle is coming from, then you’ll always come up with the right answer.


For me, it was sitting on the floor, writing this.


What is it for you?


Please let me know what you think? What are your most common battles & how do you handle them?


Or, just drop me a comment below & let me know you’re hearing me : )

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