Who Are You In 5 Words or Less

Who are you? Really?

“When you are real in your music, people know it and they feel your authenticity. ”

~Wynonna Judd

As we move into the spring and summer, it feels like everything is moving and shifting around us. Maybe it’s just me, but once I see the snow begin to recede and the first green sprouts break through the soil, I start getting antsy.

Call it spring fever but I find that the longer days and added sunshine really help to wake up my sleepy winter energy levels. I start thinking of all the new things that I can do and of all the things that I had put aside once the weather turned cold.

Maybe what I get from this wonderful change in weather is a renewed sense of freedom, a renewed sense of “okay, this is what I can finally do…”

As active as the winter is and believe me, it is quite active, Springtime is the culmination of all of that silent work. Flowers and trees begin to burst into bloom and how can that do anything BUT encourage the growth of new ideas and new plans?

It’s like saying that now, this year, this spring, I’m finally going to…

Well, what is it that you’re going to do? Do you know? Do you have any ideas? What is it that you have been putting off, possibly for this exact moment?

Well, my question to you would be, what stopped you from doing that something in the first place?

I say that because anything that you do now, with some exceptions, could be done at any time. What has stopped you from doing whatever it is that you have wanted to do?

Let’s think about this. What is it that you are finally planning on doing this spring?

What has stopped you from doing this before?

Better yet, what could stop you this year?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Before we take a look at your answers to the above, I’d like you to ask yourself some deeper questions.

If you can, take out a piece of paper and a pen and write out the answers to the following questions.

*Who are you? Really? At your core, your deepest layer, who are you?

*Take that answer and now use only 5 words.

*So, let’s take those answers and change, hopefully only a little, to describe who you want to be. Try to use just 5 descriptive words.

*Is there a discrepancy between those two descriptions? Why?

*Let’s keep going, has there ever been a time in your life when you have lived those last wonderful 5 words and, if so, when was it?

*What changed? Can you think of a specific moment or event that took you from who you wanted to be to who you are now?

*Do you think that you could ever go back or could ever become that incredible person that you described in your first few descriptions?

*What would it take for you to do this? What would it take for you to become that person that you would like to be?

*What would you be able to accomplish as that brand new and improved version of You? Or better yet, what wouldn’t you be able to accomplish?

When you truly know yourself deep down to the core, you become capable of doing anything that you put your mind to.

When you are truly authentic, when you are your real self, then the boundaries that have been put on your, either by yourself or by others, disappear.

You become capable of accomplishing things that are beyond your wildest dreams and it gets easy.

So, I’ll ask you again, what has been holding you back from accomplishing those tasks or completing projects or whatever else you have on your mind?

Is it you? Can you honestly say that you are your real self? When you can, that is when you’ll know what you are truly capable of doing and being.

Be brave today, meet the one person that you are sure to know forever- You!

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