What the Swine Flu Is and Isn’t

Before you start grabbing for the nearest bottle of antibacterial anything, hear me out.

There has been A LOT of news coverage over this particular virus & even though I don’t have a magic cure-all, I do have common sense.

If you only listen to the news, you are probably wondering if you should ever leave your house.

You’re only going to get sick, then get other people sick or something worse.

You give someone the evil eye because they coughed AND sneezed within 20 feet of you.

Let’s get real.

What the Swine Flu is:

A really great reason for you to take care of yourself the way you SHOULD be taking care of yourself everyday.

What the Swine Flu isn’t:

A reason to barricade yourself at home, with a mask on, constantly washing your hands and with a bottle of antibacterial gel nearby.

I can give you plenty of information about the Swine Flu itself, but I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with it already, so I’m not going to waste my breath.

BUT I am going to address how to focus on keeping yourself healthy for today & today’s weather.

The springtime is prime time for the flu (any variety), colds of varying intensity, allergies and congestion.

There are foods that are both beneficial to fighting off the springtime issues as well as those that exacerbate them.

Let’s keep this simple.

Good Springtime Foods
a.k.a. Anti-Cold/Allergy/Congestion Foods

* Chicken Soup
* Hot Tea with Lemon but NOT sugar or milk
* Spicy Foods as long as you normally tolerate them
* Licorice or Anise
* Garlic
* Dark, leafy green vegetables
* Lots of clear fluids, especially water
* Ginger
* Citrus Fruits
* Almonds as long as there isn’t a nut allergy
* Zinc, can be found in some cough drops, but also in oysters

Foods to Avoid in the Springtime Especially if You’re Prone to Allergies, Colds & Congestion

* Excessive sugar
* Excessive caffeine
* Dairy products like milk, soft cheeses, ice cream
* Some nuts, like peanuts if there is a food sensitivity
* Wheat and gluten containing foods
* Excessive Animal Meats
* Overly fatty foods

While this isn’t a complete list, it’s a start for all of us to help making the Springtime a happier and healthier time.

Start paying a little more attention to the foods that make you feel better and the foods that make you feel worse during this season.

Chances are, you just made a very important discovery about your personal Springtime health!

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