Today, I am…

So we start at the beginning, right?

Well, what exactly is the beginning?

If we continue our last train of thought on “Setting Goals, Determining Priorities,” that goal setting becomes our starting point.

In other words, our beginning is where we are today.

Of course Annette!  We all know that!

Okay, let’s take a second to back-track.  Have you gone through our six steps from last time?

Yes, great!

If not, then that’s okay too.

Where are you today?

“Today, I am…” in terms of my goals.

Write it down, in your own hand.  Yup, that’s right.  No computers, no blackberry, no PDA.  I want the old-fashioned contraption of a pen on paper!

Be a hard grader!  It’s worth it now to be brutally honest.

This is the beginning.  Raw, brutal but honest and totally, uniquely you.

Own it.

Take a big breath in.  This is the hardest part.

Look over your words.  If you haven’t written anything down, don’t worry.  This is where your inner demons are usually going to pop up.

Your inner demons want you to lie because they don’t want you to succeed.

They want you to put down where you think you are right now, rather than where you ACTUALLY are.

Don’t let them!

When my inner demons come up, and they do often, I let them say their piece and then I just let them be.  I then remind myself of my goals.  If I let them get into my head, then I will not accomplish my goals.  I will not move from the place that I am at right now.

Chance are if you’re reading this, you don’t like where you are completely.  Chances are, you’re looking for some type of change to make your life or your family’s life better.

Be brave today.

Take out that same piece of paper and make any changes, additions or whatever to it.

Make a list, write a paragraph, draw a picture.  Whatever it will take for you to see where you are today, just do it!

This is your starting point.  Once you’re satisfied that you have a good picture of where you are, put it away.  Don’t look at it.

What?  I just did all that work and now you’re telling me to put it away and not look at it?  You’re crazy!  What was the point?

This is the beginning of your journey.  You are not going to be defined by what you were but rather by who you are.

If you commit to make a change in your life, you have already evolved past who you were before you made that choice.

That’s the good news!

Now, if you haven’t taken time out to set your goals and determine your priorities, do it now.

I’ll wait.  : )

First, identify what it is that you really want.

Second, list the people, places and things that are your barriers to success.

Third, look back to your desired time line and break up your larger goal into smaller, bite-size, more manageable goals.

Fourth, create a plan.  What will it take for you to reach your goal?  What will you need to change?  If you don’t know, ask for help.

Fifth, set your priorities.  Determine what is important to you- your goal- and take steps in that direction.

Lastly, re-examine, re-evaluate over and over again!

All finished?  Perfect!

You just made it through the most difficult part!

You have managed to not only start at the beginning, but you also just laid out your map to the end!

So, let’s start here.

Enjoy the journey, take one step at a time and I’ll see you on the trail!
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