To Tell Or Not To Tell, That Is The Question

So quick question- are you a talker?  

Do you always talk about what you’re up to? What you’re doing? What you’re eating?  How you’re feeling?  What’s troubling you? Your new goals?  The challenges you’re facing at work?

Or are you a person who likes to play things a bit quieter? Keep things to yourself? And more likely than not, you’ve got more than your fair share of secrets kept.

The reason I ask is very simple.  I want to know if you’re a Teller or Not a Teller.

There’s conflicting advice out there (surprise surprise!) about what is the best way to handle goal setting & then achieving said goals.

Some reports will say very emphatically that you should always tell people what your goals are.  This way, you’ll always have someone to hold you accountable.  There will always be someone out there who will ask you if you did what you said you were going to do.

And, of course, we have the flip side.  We have the reports who will also say very emphatically that you should not tell anyone.  At all.  Ever.  At least not until you’ve accomplished your goal.  Why have someone always peaking over your shoulder, giving pressure, giving their own advice when you already *know* what you should be doing?

Well here’s the rub.

If you tell people your goals, you’ll be accountable- which is awesome & works for a lot of people.  But it doesn’t work for everyone.  Some people will buckle under the pressure of always having someone ask them questions.  

“Did you do your cardio today?”

“You didn’t eat those cookies, did you?  You know you said you were just going to throw them out…”  

“How’s that whole weight loss thing going? Have you actually lost anything yet?”  

“What do  you mean you’re still craving sugar?  Shouldn’t you be over that already, it’s been, like a whole week”  

“I don’t really get why you say you’re an emotional eater, what do you really have to be emotional about anyway? Are you sure that’s even a *real* goal?”

On the other side, if you keep it to yourself, you get nothing.  You get silence.

Cue the crickets.

You might get suggestions.  You might get sideways glances.  But you don’t get support.

This method does work for some people.  They can do things in their own time.  They can do things their own way without having to deal with the criticism that some people are just way too willing to spread.  However, they are doing it A-L-O-N-E.

So what’s better?  Is it better to be a Teller & broadcast for all the world to see exactly what you’re planning on working on & then let the whole world (your part of it, anyway) chime in to hold you accountable?  Or is it better to be Not a Teller?  To keep things secret until the final reveal & you can say “Ta-da!”

Well the answer is…

Drum roll please…

It depends on you.

Ack! What a terrible answer!

But it’s true.  Knowing how you are is the first step towards figuring out what method will work for you.  It’s like looking at the foundation of a house.  You can’t build a skyscraper off the foundation of a cottage.  It just doesn’t work.

So what are you?

Are you a Teller?

Or are you Not a Teller?

That’s the first question.

Second question, do you have goals that you’re working on, have struggled with in the past & still want to achieve or are looking at a new set of goals for the future?

Yes?  Excellent.

Third & final question: How are you- or how are you planning on- going about that?

If you’re in the midst, how is that going for you?  Is your current path working for you?

Once you can answer all three questions, then you can figure out what the next step is.

Do you speak up & announce to the whole world- even Facebook & Twitter- what your next big goal is?

Or are you going to bide your time, keep things quiet & then one day just say BAM! Here I am!


I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please feel free to comment below!  :  )

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