The Blood Type Diet

I was first introduced to the Blood Type Diet, “Eat Right 4 Your Type” as written by Peter D’Adamo, ND, in early 2006. I heard him speak as part of my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I found the concepts fascinating and completely realistic. Although I can see how following the recommended blood type diet suggestions to the letter could be difficult, I feel like the benefits will outweigh the challenges.

For complete information on his theory, teachings, products and specific suggestions, please go to his website

These are my thoughts.

What it is:

The blood type diet, as it is known, is based off of each individual’s blood type. There are specific dietary recommendations as to the foods that you should and should not eat. There are also suggestions on exercise, how to deal with stress and what ailments are most common for someone of this blood type. There are also personality traits common for each blood type as well as what supplements might benefit each blood type.

This is not a one size fits all approach, but rather tailored to each individual blood type. It takes into account what is happening internally for each blood type- as in hormone variability, stomach acid levels, specific short term and long term health issues and even in the body shape development that is achieved in ideal and non-ideal conditions.

What I like:

I like how each blood type is taken scientifically and broken down. There is real and solid proof for each suggestion for each blood type. None of Dr. D’Adamo’s dietary suggestions are haphazard or vague. There is solid physical proof for each dietary exclusion, each inclusion, each suggestion for exercise, stress management technique and supplement suggestion.

I also like that it works. I’ve experiemented on my own with my own diet according to my blood type and to this day, I still keep many of this suggestions for my own blood type.

What I think could use improvement:

It seems restrictive. It can also be expensive for O blood types such as myself. I love red meat, as I’m told I should but steaks can get terribly expensive!

My other thought is exactly how many people will feel happy remaining on their blood type diet for a lifetime? Is it realistic?

I think it’s fascinating, incredibly insightful and helpful and absolutely beneficial to know about.

Who this would work best for:

  • People who are reactive to foods but don’t know where to start.
  • Anyone with long term minor but annoying health issues who is looking for a food-based solution.
  • Anyone even remotely curious about what is suggested for their own blood type.
  • Anyone who doesn’t know where to start, period.
  • Anyone who is frustrated by their current dietary standing and don’t understand why they can’t seem to make improvements
  • Anyone who is looking for answers why their body reacts the way it does to certain foods, illnesses, exercise, etc.

Should you try it?

This is a great starting point. If you don’t know where else to start, give this a try.

Try it for several months. Notice any changes in digestion, elimination, energy, strength, skin clarity and tone, mood and stress level.

Positive benefits, continue on. Status quo or not any better- try something else.

For more information:

Dr. D’Adamo’s official site- look for a quick overview of your own blood type suggestions, specific supplements and other success stories

Don’t know your blood type? Easy and only a finger stick away. Your at-home blood testing kit. I’ve used this one before and it is so simple.

Blood Type Home Test Kit (1ea Eldoncard)- Test Your Blood Type and Rh Factor at Home. Follow the Blood Type Diet -Test at home in minutes! Prepare for medical emergencies

Looking for books on the subject? There are a lot of them. Here are some suggestions off of

Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight

Cook Right 4 Your Type: The Practical Kitchen Companion to Eat Right 4 Your Type

Diabetes: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet (Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type Health Library)

Any questions?

Check out Dr. D’Adamo’s site or contact Annette if you’d like more help integrating this into your current lifestyle.

Shoot an email to Annette at and let her know that you’d like to chat!

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    hey this is a very interesting article!

  • KeHoeff

    hey this is a very interesting article!

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