Support is The Key to Your Success

I used to think that I could do it all on my own.  I used to think that I could be some magical, self-sufficient creature who was just able to accomplish all of these amazing goals without the help of other people.

Boy was I wrong.

The thing is, I can’t accomplish much without other people.  I can’t accomplish any of the really big stuff without the help of someone else.

It’s not as if I’m not capable and it’s not like you’re not capable either.  It’s more like the difference between a local train and an express train.

On your own, you’re a local train.  You have to stop at every single stop.  You have to pause, look around and make sure you’re still on track.

But when you have the help of others, your trip turns into an express train.  You can pass over certain stops, you can build up speed and momentum and let’s be honest, the trip is a lot more enjoyable.

Why the metaphor?

It is easy to think that any goal you set for yourself is only about you.

Yes, it is your goal and yes, you are the one responsible for whether or not you actually accomplish the goal but it’s not only about you.

It’s about having a team or a support network around you in order to make your life easier when you set out to accomplish something.

The funny thing about goals is that sometimes we may think that we’re all alone.  It’s “my” goal and I need to accomplish it and I can do it all by myself.  It’s almost like we can’t accept help in achieving our goals because then it means that we didn’t really do it or didn’t really deserve to accomplish it.  It’s almost like if we don’t do it all ourselves, then it doesn’t count.

But what if by having the help and support of others that we can actually achieve all of our goals and do it faster, easier and more enjoyably?

What if then?

When I said before that I found out that I can’t accomplish anything without the help of someone else, I was referring to not only their physical help but more importantly to their emotional help- to their support.

While I may be stubborn and insist (sometimes) on doing things my “own” way, there is no way I would ever leave the house without my support network in place.

Sometimes I may just need to pick up the phone and call someone.  Maybe I need to text someone, email someone, maybe I just need to feel like I’m not alone.  Whatever it is, I need to realize that goal setting is not a private event.

And I’m guessing that you might need to do it too.

If you could achieve all of your goals, if you could ensure your success in almost any given endeavor, would you do it?

If it required you to do something as difficult as telling someone else your goals, your hopes, your dreams, would you do it?

When you open your mouth, when you put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard, when you share what is closest to your heart with your ambitions, then you are opening up the door for other people to help you achieve your goals.


By giving them a chance to support you, that’s how.

When you let people in on what you’re doing, you are opening up a doorway for them to help you in whatever way they are willing to do so.

Maybe the help will be physical, maybe it will be mental or emotional- whatever it is, you are not alone.

You are creating a valuable asset, a precious resource by allowing others to be a part of your support network.

When you allow others to help, you are hopping on that express train and you are bettering your chances of achieving your most mind-blowing goals.

Support will be the key to your success.

Not convinced?

Try it “your” way and see what happens.

If it works, then great.  That’s wonderful.

If not, then look and see who is in your life that you could ask for help or support.  Can you name at least one other person?

Yes?  Great.  Stop reading.  Call them now.

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