Sometimes You Just Need A Change In Perspective

A question for you:

How do you get to work?

Meaning, physically, how do you get to work?  Do you take the same route every single day?

If you don’t work, then how do you get to your favorite places? Do you take the same roads, the same turns, the same everything to get there?

Sometimes we become such creatures of habit that we can’t see anything other than what we see on a daily, or almost daily, basis.

I sometimes dog-sit for a friend of mine and for a while I found myself walking the same exact route, the same exact direction, day after day after day.


Well, maybe not exactly boring but something happens to our brains when we pigeon-hole it into the same routines over and over again.

We lose our sense of adventure, of creativity, of accepting newness or even our sense of accepting change.

What happens, then, when we take our current health situation and apply the same old routines to them?

I like to think of the word “stagnation.”

Nothing changes, nothing happens.  We get what we’ve always expected because we don’t take time to change our perspective.

While I was dog-sitting this last week, for some reason or another, I walked the same route, but in the opposite direction.

While this may not seem earth shattering,  it forced me to look at the same buildings, streets and parks in a completely different light.

What will it take for you to look at all the different aspects of your life in a new light, with a new perspective?

I challenge you to do that.

What could happen?  What could change?

Are you open to it?  Are you open to seeing something new, different and potentially good?

Not sure what to do?  Check out your challenge below!

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Your Challenge, if you choose to Accept it!

1. Take a different route to work (or home, or on your errands), even if it means that you take longer.  Is there anything new, different or interesting?

2.  If there is something in your life that you’d like to change, but just haven’t gotten around to it, then change the routine that goes along with that “thing” that you’d like to change.  It could be waking up 10 minutes earlier, going to bed 10 minutes earlier, going to the gym in the morning, etc.

3.  When it comes to food, is there something that you just haven’t brought yourself around to eating?  A wierd fruit, vegetable, protein, carbohydrate?  When you choose what foods you’re going to be eating, find one way to do something other than what you always would do.  Make just one little change.

4. Look into the patterns that you’ve created in your life.  What patterns help you to be more productive and what patterns hinder you?  Be willing to either let go of the patterns that get in your way or be willing to be more flexible and open to change.

5.  Take some quiet time to figure out how you react to change.  What kind of reaction do you get in your gut when it comes to being more flexible than you’d like to be or to doing something that on a normal day you would never do?

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If you owe it to yourself, then don’t hesitate, just do it.
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