So You’re Stuck On A Desert Island…

So you’re stuck on a desert island…

Sound like a bad movie? Or a tv show you might have seen before?

Maybe, you think.

But I’m going to put a different spin on it.

We get some wacky weather sometimes.  Really, if you think about it, weather has become an obsession for some people.

Face it, there’s a whole channel devoted to it, well, at least one plus the various other weather on the ones, weather on the sixes news channels.

Not only do we get wacky weather, but we also get some crazy natural disasters that seem to come one after another after another.

Makes me wonder if I’m really prepared for any kind of emergency.

Do you wonder sometimes too?  Are you prepared?

Well, I’m going to take you on a little journey and trust me, there’s no packing involved.  You won’t be charged for any luggage and you don’t have to worry about going through security OR taking your shoes off.

(come on, you know exactly what I’m talking about!)

It’s called imagination and it’s kinda how I work.

I’m going to take you to a desert island of your very own.  One that you can call home.  In fact, you HAVE to call it home because you will be spending the rest of your life on said desert island.

Why?  Because I want to teach you something.

You are now stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life BUT you have the chance to bring 7 different food type items with you.

You will have an infinite supply of those 7 food items.

You will have an infinite supply of fresh and clean drinking water but you cannot expect there to be any native wildlife either on the island or in the water.  There are not any native edible plants, trees or shrubs.

What you bring with you is what you’ll have.

There will be plenty of water and I’ll even give you plenty of palm trees but I won’t be giving you any coconuts on those palm trees, that is, unless that’s one of your 7 items.

So what do you bring?

What 7 food items will you bring with you to keep you alive, to keep you healthy for as long as you’re on that island?

You might be rescued.  Wouldn’t you want to still be alive and kicking by the time the boat or plane show up?

What are your 7?

If you’re advanced, I’ll challenge you even more.  Let’s make 2 lists.

The 1st list is what you want to bring along.  The 7 food items that you want with you on that island.

The 2nd list is what you think you SHOULD be bringing with you.

Why two lists?  Because I want you to see where your thinking might be deviating from your body’s natural wisdom.

Say what?

You are smart and you know what you need.  Your body knows what it needs.

How does that translate into your list?

Your Challenge, if you choose to Accept it!

Start working on your list of 7 food items to bring to your desert island.

If you want to take it a step further, then create the 2nd list that I described above.

How are your lists different?  How are they the same?

Did anything come up for you while you were trying to decide what to bring?

What I’d LOVE for you to do now is to be brave and leave your lists in the comment section below.

I’ll even share my list with you but I won’t be posting that until Friday.  Don’t want to give away my 7 goodies!

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  • Annette Nack

    I’ve been tossing around my top 7 foods for the last week or so, but I think I’ve finally nailed them down.

    1. Coconut
    2. Cacao (the precursor to chocolate)
    3. Tuna (the fish, not in a can)
    4. Quinoa (amazing grain)
    5. Kale
    6. Cherries
    7. Pumpkin

    What was on my list that didn’t make the final cut?


    Any one else brave enough to post?!

  • Georgia

    Dog 1
    Dog 2
    Even though they arent food i couldnt live without them


    Because carrots can be eaten raw by humans and dogs and meat can too but not raw of course

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