Self-Care and Self-Love, Not Just for Valentine’s Day Anymore

It doesn’t take a holiday devoted to love to make you think about love.

How do you love yourself?

How do you love your significant other- that is, if you have one?

If you don’t have one, you may start thinking about love in a different sense.

Why don’t I have it?

Why shouldn’t I have it?

Or, more simply put- who cares, I don’t care.  Love sucks.

Let’s re-frame these thoughts, no matter what side of the fence you sit on.

Let’s think in terms of self-love, meaning the love you have for yourself.

You are your own real #1, one and only and life partner.

Not that I don’t believe that someone else could also have those titles, but when it comes down to it, you live with yourself every single day so why shouldn’t you have a healthy sense of loving yourself?

Question #1- do you love yourself?

Okay, I’m keeping this super simple and only expecting a simple yes or no answer.

If you’re already gone off into a sometimes, maybe answer, you’re losing sight of something so very simple.

Do you love yourself, as you currently are?

Do you love yourself unconditionally and not when you feel good in your clothes?

No matter how you answer, it’s time for question #2- how do you show yourself love OR how do you take care of yourself in such a way that shows you that you love you?

Did I lose you yet?!

How do you take care of yourself?  What do you consider to be self-care?  How do you show yourself love?

This could be something as simple as quiet time in the morning, each and every day.  It could be something a little more extravagant like a monthly spa date for just you or you and some friends.

What it comes down to is not the expense or the lavishness of the act but that you do the act regardless.

There is no mandatory budget to be spent or amount of time that should be dedicated but rather that you do something special for you and you only.

I’d really love for you to take a moment, sit down with a pen and paper and list the top 7 ways that you show yourself love and how you take care of yourself.

There’s nothing magical about the number 7, so feel free to list as many ideas or thoughts that you have but do try and list at least 7.

If you don’t currently have any rituals or do something purely for yourself, then list the ways that you are going to begin taking care of yourself in that special way and the date in which you’ll be starting.  Hint hint.

So think about it.

Your Challenge, if you choose to Accept it!

List your top 7 ways that you take care of yourself or ways that you show yourself love.

And again, what is self-care?

Self-care, simply put, is a combination of the things that you do, the rituals that you have, or ways that you make yourself feel loved, feel special and taken care of.

Sky’s the limit!

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  • Annette Nack

    My Self-Care Top 7 would be:

    1. Getting to sleep around 10 PM when possible to allow myself to get between 7-8 hrs of sleep. I need my sleep!

    2. Taking time every single day to take care of my feet and legs. I spend so much time on them that I baby them a little. Special creams and lotions with peppermint, compression socks, elevating my legs.

    3. A epsom salt bath- candles and the rest…

    4. Some really great dark chocolate

    5. Forgiveness for any bone headed mistakes that I’m bound to make

    6. Absolute silence and quiet all for me every single day for at least 20 minutes.

    7. Silly laughter every single day courtesy of my dog

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