The Secret To Weight Loss

The secret to weight loss isn’t so secret.

I hate to be the one to break it to you.

You already know what it is.

You don’t think you do, but you really do.

What is it?

The secret to weight loss has been debated for YEARS. And they keep coming back to the same point over and over again.

By the way, when I say “They” I really mean all those so-called weight loss experts who aren’t really experts if they keep changing their mind.

(But that’s just my opinion.)

Anyone else agree with me?

The secret to weight loss comes down to a simple math equation.

Leave the calculators at home. No advanced calculus needed.

To lose weight:

Calories spent or expended > Calories consumed

To gain weight:

Calories spent or expended must be LESS than Calories consumed

If you want to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit.

Either you burn more calories than you are currently burning

Your everyday diet – Greater calorie burn through exercise=
– (negative) total calories for the day


you continue doing what you’re currently doing and eat fewer but nutrient-dense foods at a total lower caloric total.

Reduced Calorie, Nutrient Dense diet – Same exercise Calorie burn =
– (negative) total calories for the day

Please don’t take the above to mean that you should stop eating.


You need to eat nutrient dense foods in order for your body to work efficiently.

If you stop eating, you stop the mechanics of your body to not only lose weight, but the entire operation of your metabolism which could set you back not only weeks or months but possibly years!

Let’s put this all together.

Top Tips for Weight Loss

1. Create a calorie deficit. Exercise more & eat more nutrient dense foods at an overall lower caloric intake, each day.

2. Eat! There is no way around this. You must eat or else your metabolism will slow to catastrophic levels. Eat plenty of vitamins, minerals, an appropriate protein for your body, fiber and heart healthy fats.

3. Drink plenty of clean & pure water.

4. Get adequate amount of rest and sleep

5. Minimize stress. Find healthy ways to address stress levels if you cannot eliminate them.

6. Foster Healthy Relationships. These include the ones you have with yourself, your family, your friends and your co-workers.

7. If you need support, get it. You are not an island You will make mistakes. You will fall off the wagon. Don’t do it alone, find & create a system of support. Beg for it. Barter for it. Pay for it. Just get it.


You’ve got to have one of these!

Heart Rate Monitors

If you are really serious about losing excess weight, getting into better cardiovascular shape, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and feeling better in your body- then you NEED a Heart Rate Monitor!

This is one small piece of equipment that I promise will be essential towards better health.

I am still using the HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) that I received in 2001, after 3 battery changes, and I wouldn’t train without it.

One choice:

Polar FS1 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Dark Blue)

This is a really basic, easy to use HRM. No fancy bells or whistles, but it gets the job done! This is your economy choice.

A second choice:

Polar 90023352 F6 Heart Rate Monitor Unisex Watch

This is the next level up on HRMs. If gives you more functionality when it comes to working in specific heart rate zones. Think of it as the mid-level HRM. Still an excellent price point as far as HRMs go!

A third choice- the luxury model:

Polar 90026360 Rs400sd Heart Rate Monitor Watch

If you are a total techie and you need the next big thing, then this is the HRM for you! Personally, it has too many buttons for me but if you’d like the option of uploading your workout info into your computer, then this would be perfect for you.

A quick note:

When purchasing a HRM, be aware that some watches are made in male and female models. The chest strap and the wrist strap will be of different lengths and widths and although it can be adjusted to fit your body properly, there will be an obvious difference if you happen to purchase one not appropriate for your body.

Good luck!
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