Oh My Darling, Clementine!

Citrus fruits are in full swing right now and among those, one of my personal favorites, Clementines!

Not only are the incredibly easy to eat, but they make almost no mess and are an easy and healthy snack!

Clementines are a good source of vitamin C, potassium, thiamin, and niacin.  They also contain fiber and are a good natural energy boost.  Clementines have almost no fat and an average clementine has only about 35 calories.

Since citrus fruits are in season right now, not only are they widely available, but they are also available at a fairly inexpensive price.

So eat up and enjoy just a little more sunshine in your diet!

A Citrus Tip:

Citrus fruits are great for our bodies during the winter.  The astringent properties of oranges, grapefruits or clementines are an easy way to help our bodies move the excess mucus that finds its way into our digestive tracts in the wintertime.

Try picking up some of your favorite citrus fruits this week and eat them whole.  Or feel a little more daring and squeeze a little fresh lemon or lime juice into your tea or water for an extra citrus bonus!
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