Are You Lacking in Your “S” Vitamins?

I know what you’re thinking right now.

What do you mean, Annette, by getting enough of my S Vitamins?

Never heard of them?

Chances are, you haven’t heard of them referred to as S Vitamins, but they are crucial and absolutely critical to health and longevity.

Before you good “S Vitamins”, give me a minute to explain.

We’ve got two main S vitamins- vitamin S8 and vitamin S2.

You can stop scratching your head now.  I’ll explain.

Vitamin S8 is your Sleep vitamin.

Just like any other deficiency, if you don’t get enough Vitamin S8 (as in “8” hours of sleep, get it?!), then you will suffer.

Your health will have minimal chance to be what it can be and if you’re looking to lose weight, forget it!

Won’t happen.

Lack of sleep coupled with exercise, eating a healthy diet and every other healthy habit you can think of WILL result in weight loss, but it won’t be to the extent that you want.

Are you following?

Lack of sleep, especially long-term, interferes with your bodies ability to process food, eliminate waste and recover from the days events.

Ever feel like you’ve run out of gas and are only moving on fumes?

That would be about right for your bodies fat burning furnace.

Now what about vitamin S2?

Vitamin S2 is the Slack vitamin.


How often do you cut yourself some slack?

How often do you give yourself some wiggle room with self-imposed deadlines or goals?

Most of us are usually harder on ourselves than anyone else would be.

(If you’re not, congratulations!  Email me your secret!)

It’s very easy to get down on ourselves if we’re not doing what we know we should be doing to lose weight.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up if we just happen to not finish our own projects on time.

What if you gave yourself a daily dose of Vitamin “Slack”?

What if you gave yourself a little more freedom to get some sleep, to give yourself more or less time to do “stuff”- as you need it, or to give yourself just a little bit more love?

What if?

What do you think could happen?

* * * * * * * * * *

Your Challenge, if you choose to Accept it!

1. Work on getting your daily dose of Vitamin S8.  Getting to bed even just 10-15 minutes earlier could make a huge difference in how you feel when you wake up.

2. Set up nighttime rituals.  Set yourself up for sleep success.  It might be eliminating caffeine after a certain time.  It could be avoiding any stimulating or upsetting tv or radio programs.  It could be a warm shower or a relaxing conversation.

3. Take your daily dose of S2, the slack vitamin.  The next time you give yourself a deadline and don’t meet it, think about whether or not it was feasible.  Are you setting yourself up for automatic failure?

4.  If you’re open to it, offer up some S2 to others.  We’re all fighting some kind of battle- known or unknown.  Share the wealth of slack.  :  )
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