It’s Time To Make That Decision

I was listening to an incredibly fascinating teleconference over the weekend and the comments that were said by the two facilitators made me think.

I was thinking long and hard and what they said made so much sense that I just had to share it with you.

I am a “checker” and a list maker and hopefully more than a few years shy of becoming obsessive compulsive but I’m going to risk repeating myself.

The lesson is just that important.

I’ve already shared with you the importance of making a decision and then sticking to it.  You find and ask for support.  You recognize any barriers that may exist on your path to success.

Nothing new, right?

But have you actually made that decision yet?

Have you said out loud, “I want to be healthier.  I want to change what I’m doing and how I’m living.  I just can’t take it anymore.  I WANT MORE!  I am ready for more.  I deserve more.  I am going out there and getting it for myself or doing it for myself!”

I hope you get the picture.

So have you actually made that decision yet?

Change can only happen, and I wholeheartedly feel this way, when you actively make the decision that it is time to change.

The decision is the first step and for a lot of people, the hardest step to take.

I have three thoughts for you today.

1. It all begins with a decision.

2. Make the conscious decision to be healthier, happier, more successful, whatever it is you truly want to be.

3. Tell yourself in no uncertain terms, I am ready for something bigger.

These are three universal truths that we ignore because change is hard.  No sugar-coating there.  


Change is hard and unpredictable.  Will I still be accepted or loved by my family and friends? Will I still be content with my relationships, with my home or with my career?

Soak up these three thoughts and sit with them.

Ask yourself again, have I really made the decision?

If not, think about why.  What is it worth to you to make this change?

What would you risk losing or not have if you don’t make the decision or don’t make any changes?

The choice is yours.
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