Hold Onto the Summertime Just a Little Longer…

I am not ready to give up on Summer and I really don’t think you should either!

Summer doesn’t officially end for a few more days, but the weather outside doesn’t always cooperate with our calendars!

Although the days are getting noticeably shorter, the weather is still nice enough to take advantage of nicer temperatures in the afternoon and most definitely on the weekends!

Be like me!  Refuse to put all of your summer clothing away!

So in honor of the unofficial and possible (keep your fingers crossed) Indian Summer, here is my list of top tips for keeping Summer alive and well into September and maybe even into October!

Annette’s “I Refuse to Believe That Summer is Gone so I’m Just Going to Ignore it for a Few More Weeks” List!

1. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures to do some of the outdoors things you didn’t get to over the summer.  Weekend warriors unite!

2. Most Amusement Parks have post-Labor Day hours with smaller crowds.  Less people, less sun & heat = More rides, more fun!

3. There are A LOT of fruits & vegetables that are in season any they are EVERYWHERE!  Take advantage because they are cheap, delicious & healthy!

4. Summer berries!  You will not get them as fresh & delicious as you will now.  Eat as much as you’d like and then stock up.  Freeze what you have room for and break them out when you want, even when there’s snow on the ground!

5. Same goes for Fresh Herbs!  Snip, dry & freeze.  One hint- label the container or bag so that you know exactly what you have.  Fresh herbs will bring the summer back during the darker days of the winter.

6. Back off of the AC.  Cooler evenings & nights let your AC unit take a much needed break.  It gives your wallet a break too.

7. Plan mini-vacations close to where you live.  Afternoon or day trips give you a chance to sight-see with a bonus- most of the tourists are gone!

8. Go for a walk!  The air is crisper & cleaner and the temperatures are just low enough so that you can walk comfortably without piling on the layers.

As much as I hate to admit it, I know that Autumn will hit us full force soon.  There is no reason why all of us cannot hold onto the summer mentality just a little longer!

So try it out!  Find any simple way to get more Summer into your September and beyond!

Don’t give up too easily, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Summer…
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