Top 12 Healthy Eater Habits

Have you ever wonder what *exactly* makes a healthy eater?

Is it something that they’re born with?  A skill set that they learned from their parents or some special class they took?

Or is it just something innate within them that for some reason makes them immune to chocolate’s creamy allure?

(Maybe that’s just my own weakness…)

Have you ever sat by and wondered what gives these healthy eaters the willpower that you just can’t seem to hold on to?

Well, wonder no more.

These healthy eaters are not superheros hiding among us normal folk.  They don’t possess some special skill or talent that you can’t have yourself.

What is it that makes them different?

The easiest thing is to identify the top habits that make a healthy eater, a healthy eater.

1. They like and eat their veggies, especially the dark green, leafy kind.

2. They have field tested different types of protein sources and know the kinds that work for them.

3. They realized a long time ago that fat and carbs are not their enemy and that eating them are a necessity for their health.

4. They know that fiber is their friend and that regular bowel movements are not a pipe-dream but rather should be a daily or twice daily occurrence.

5. They enjoy drinking water and actually drink it.

6. Sleep is a nightly requirement and not something that is to be caught up on between meetings, during the daily commute or over the weekend.

7. They are not slaves to either the scale or the number of calories they consume during the day.

8. There is no such thing as eating with guilt especially while eating their most favorite foods.

9. Sneaking food, drinks or snacks just doesn’t happen. Why?  See #8.

10. Exercising and moving around is a pleasure.  Punishment is not ever associated with any healthy lifestyle habits, especially exercise.

11. The act of eating is slow, deliberate and enjoyable.  Food is thoroughly chewed, savored and digested.  The pressure is off, there is no emergency when it comes to eating.

12. There are no *evil* foods,  no forbidden or guilt-worthy snacks.  Food is just food.  No devil horns or angel halos have ever been seen in a supermarket.

What are your sticking points when it comes to being a healthy eater?  What do you struggle the most with?  On the other hand, what healthy eating habits are the easiest for you?  Which ones do you normally practice on a daily basis?  Which healthy habits are you most excited to try?  Which ones do you dread the most?

Share your thoughts and your fears around what eating healthy could mean for you below.  If you have your own healthy eating habit, please share that too!

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