The 21 Day Gratitude Journey, Day 2

New to the Gratitude Journey?  Here’s a quick overview!

Join in whenever you’re ready…

Here’s the plan:


I’ll spend the next 21 days focused on gratitude. Each day I will focus on one aspect & each day I will show my gratitude & appreciation to someone new.

And what I’d love is for you to join me. Tell your friends, your family, co-workers, anyone.

I honestly feel that if we can embrace gratitude & all the goodness in the world, then we’ll be able to make amazing & far reaching positive change.

We are all capable of amazing things & it’ll take far less effort than you may think!

Gratitude is step one.

Assignment for Day 2:

1. How does gratitude overlap with appreciation?  Are they the same thing? How does gratitude overlap with love & the expression of love?

Where do you draw the line between gratitude, appreciation and love?  Do some people only get some of what you have to offer, some get a little more and then some get everything?

Spend a few minutes thinking & writing. Choose one place to collect your thoughts for our 21 day journey.

2. Choose your second person to show gratitude to. You are free to speak your gratitude, write your gratitude or show your gratitude.

Any way that feels the most appropriate, that is how you need to do it.

Be honest & open. You are doing everything right!

Please feel free to share your thoughts below. Ask for help, guidance or support.

We’re all in this together



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  • Annette Nack

    I think that gratitude & appreciation are similar but are different in their depth. To me, appreciation is the beginning. Gratitude seems to me to be a deeper expression of appreciation.

    You can fake or overdo appreciation, but gratitude by it’s nature (IMO), is a very genuine emotion.

    When you express gratitude, I feel like it needs to come from a place of love. Not meaning a romantic love, but a love of your fellow man. Without that, maybe it ends up being more of just an appreciation rather than a more heartfelt outpouring of love & gratitude.

    I am making a very earnest attempt to show love, appreciation & gratitude to everyone that I meet. It’s not easy, but if I can allow myself to look objectively, there is a lot to be grateful for and a lot of opportunity for me to express myself.

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