Free Yourself from Goons, Turkeys & Trolls

Okay, okay, okay.

What a start to a blog post!

What are goons, turkeys and trolls and why do we need to free ourselves from them?


Let me take you back to just a few weeks ago.

I’m on twitter.  A lot.

I really enjoy twitter because it forces me to get to the point in 140 characters or less. 

There is no waffling around here.  It just won’t go if you’re over count.

I also enjoy getting to meet and learn more about people that I otherwise would never know.

I do mean NEVER, like they live on a different continent never know.

OR they live in California and I just haven’t made it that far yet.

Enter Elizabeth Potts Weinstein or as she’s known on twitter, @elizabethpw

(You can find me too, @annettenack )

She is the truth evangelist.  She is a woman in search of her truth.  She is teaching me to find and live my own truth.

No easy mission there, but one that I felt was entirely necessary at that exact moment.

(See why I like 140 characters?!)


So I’m on this truth quest and I’m finding out a lot of stuff.

Like people are really mean.

Not just kinda sorta mean, but really mean and nasty to each other AND to me.

Forget that.

I’m a truth seeker and that, my friends, is not part of my truth.


But I’m human and their nastiness hurt my feelings.


But then again, I’m on this journey to discover my own truth and maybe being nasty is part of their truth, so I can’t let myself get too upset.


What I can do, however, is find a way to deal with these people.  If they don’t have to be in my life, then adios, au revoir and bye-bye.

But if they do have to be in my life-for now, then I need a way to deal with them, to cope in such a way that doesn’t take away from my own truth.


So I made up names to call them.

I call them Goons.

I call them Turkeys.

I call them Trolls.


None of those words are really mean, but they get the point across so very well.


So I say, free yourselves!


Let go of your own personal goons, turkeys and trolls!


You don’t NEED to listen to them.  You might need to deal with them, so as long as your not name-calling to their face, then we’ll be doing okay.


So just remember now, if you try to do something mean to me, I’ll just smile and walk away.  Who knows what category you’ll fall into?

Tell me, would you rather be a goon, turkey or troll?


Or the other option, you could just be nice.

Earth-shattering, I know.


:  )

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