Even The Little Things Count…

Have you ever considered the little things in life?

I mean the things that often go unnoticed or unchecked by most people?

Sometimes it could be something little like a small leak in your bathroom that doesn’t get any attention until it does some damage.

Sometimes it could be the quietest little sound your car makes when you push on the brakes that you don’t really think of until you’re forced to bring it in for work.

My point is this, sometimes you have to take a step back and take a look around at the smallest things in your life and those that surround you.

Are there little changes that need to be made, little things that need to be fixed or little things that need to find the fastest exit out of your life?

I’m sure there are a few.

If you’ve noticed them, then how come you haven’t done anything about them?

Not enough time?

Not enough patience?

Or did it just never seem important enough?

I usually just “Later” it to death.  I’ll do it later…

What if we change our view and try to tackle those little things?

What if when we take on these little and somewhat annoying things, then larger shifts end up happening?

What if we just needed to do something about that little, tiny thing to push us into doing something a little more important, a little more necessary and a lot more productive?

Hmm, nice thought, right?

So what’s really getting in your way of those little things?

If you take the blame off of everyone and anyone else.

If you take the blame off of any external “stuff”.

My answer would be YOU.

You are what is standing in your way of taking care of these little things.

More often than not, we self-sabotage unconsciously.

Meaning, you don’t know you’re doing it but you still stop yourself from making any forward progress.

If you agree, then now it’s time to take care of those little things.

If not, then take some time and think about it.  What’s really stopping you?

Not sure what to do?  Check out your challenge below!

* * * * * * * * * *

Your Challenge, if you choose to Accept it!

1. Make a list of all those little things that you haven’t taken care of yet.  Pay special attention to the ones that are first to jump of the page.

2. Take care of those items that, when you look at them, you just say you can’t believe that you haven’t taken care of them yet.  Cross them off the list!  Don’t wait, do them now!

3. Look down your list and pay attention to those items that make your stomach do a little flip flop.  If you get a queasy feeling, then what else is going on with that “little” thing?  Is it really that little or is there something that you’re hesitating with it?

4. Imagine a ladder going up your page.  Put the smallest or easiest “little” thing at the bottom and the largest “little” thing at the top.  Fill it all in and use it as a guide.  Aim to check off one item every day.  Small ladder stepping is much easier to tolerate than just trying to cross off the entire list in one day!

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