When In Doubt, Eat Mallomars

There’s a fine line between reality and make believe.  Unfortunately for many of us, the line is a little more than slightly blurry.  We ride this fuzzy line until we actually believe that the truth- our reality- isn’t true and that the make believe stories we tell ourselves are in fact 100% accurate.

How about this: what stories about yourself do you believe are true? And equally important, what truth about yourself have you actually given up on?

Hello reality check.

The universal truth is this: we are insanely cruel to ourselves. Maybe not 100% of the time but by and large, the majority of the time we never give ourselves enough credit, enough honesty, enough forgiveness or enough self-love.

This is prime territory for creating and growing negative beliefs about ourselves that seem to put us on lock-down.

Here is my truth.  When I first sat down to write, I had already eaten half a box of Mallomars.  If you’ve never had the opportunity to taste a Mallomar, it is a little cookie goodness under a mound of marshmallow yumminess and then covered with a delicious layer of chocolate.

Can you tell that I enjoy them?

The reality of the situation?  I wasn’t hungry at all.  I actually didn’t even want the Mallomars.  I would have  been happy with a glass of water.

So why did I eat them?

I ate them because I’m stuck in a make believe reality and that story that I’m telling myself had me believing that eating a half whole box of Mallomars would make me feel better.  That eating them would solve all my problems.

Did it work?

Nope.  This fake reality of mine still exists and exposing it struck such a fear in me that I returned to the box and finished it.

I spend time with my nutrition coaching clients explaining how you need to listen to your body’s cues.  I try to shed light on the body’s innate ability to know exactly what it needs at all times- if you should be willing to listen to it.

And my biggest problem lately is that I have ignored the subtle messages that my body has given me.

I have done such an incredibly complete job of ignoring these messages that I am now riding a fine line of bodily injury that could and very well may prevent me from doing one thing that gives me so much joy and satisfaction.  I may have to say no to a pleasure of mine that reminds me how strong- both physically, mentally and emotionally- I am just because I have chosen to live in an untrue story of my life.

But today I am choosing to reveal this weakness of mine in order for you to perhaps shed some light on your own.

Are you living out a false reality? Are you stuck in a story that you’ve spent years telling yourself just so you wouldn’t feel bad, wrong or different?

Are you ignoring your truth?

There’s a story that I heard years ago, something along the lines of an old wives tale or fable.

It goes something like this:

When God is trying to tell you something, when there’s an important message that is trying to be relayed to you- it starts off subtle, like a brush across the check.  Perhaps even a feather caressing the skin.  If you choose to ignore this sign or don’t see it’s existence, then you are given a slightly more overt message- a phone call from a friend, a sign or billboard on your way into work. And again, if you choose to ignore the message, it becomes more defined like a papercut or a stubbed toe.  If you still don’t see it, then the message becomes louder, like getting smacked across the face or hit by a 2 x 4.  And if still, you ignore it, then watch for the oncoming bus or train to run you over.

Please don’t wait for the bus or train.  Let this be the faintest of whispers or that brush across your cheek.

What story do you need to stop telling yourself right now?

What message has your body been telling you that you choose to ignore?

Stop believing what ever fiber of your being is telling you isn’t true.  Why do you torture yourself?  Why are you limiting the joy and pleasure that you deserve?

My thought is this, you can either live a safe, uneventful and perhaps joyless life or you can take a deep breath and suck the life out of life, making the most of each and every moment.

You have nothing to lose.  You have nothing to wait for.  You don’t need permission.  You don’t need a better time.  You don’t need more time.  You just need to believe in yourself.  You just need to take the chance.

Oh yeah, and put down the Mallomars.  You won’t need them where you’re going.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay brave souls. I’ve showed you mine, now you show me yours.

What stories are you telling yourself that you believe are true?  Not sure?  Well share them below and let’s try to make some sense of them.  Remember you have nothing and I do mean nothing to lose.

Go on, don’t be shy.

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