Confessions of a Fitness Pro: Why You May Be Healthier Than Your Trainer

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but I’m not a god.

Your personal trainer is not a god.  Your nutritionist is not a god.  Your doctor is not a god.

Your coach, consultant or guru is not even a god.

It doesn’t matter what kind of magic that they have worked on you or for you, but we are most certainly not gods.

Chances are, most of us are full of some kind of crap.

You’ll never see it though because as professionals, we know how to hide things really well.

We’re paid the big bucks to keep you at arm’s length and keep you on the other side of the desk.

Not because we don’t think you’ll pay us if you see the truth, but because most of us don’t want you to  know that we’re really human.

Because then, you might not like us.

And if you don’t like us, then you’d never choose to work with us.

Or in the worst case scenario, you might actually see through the magic curtain that separates us from you and find out our real deal.  You might actually see the truth that we have so artfully hid from you.

But I’m not afraid to share with you some of my secrets in the hope that you will see the truth and that you’ll be able to choose your next health professional, despite our flaws.

Confession #1:

Health professionals are usually more unhealthy than their clients or patients.  We know better.  We just don’t do it.

Do as I say, not as I do.

Confession #2:

We will always take better care of you than we will of ourselves.

Our problems and issues are worse than yours.  We got into our respective fields because we secretly want to heal ourselves.

We just haven’t done it yet.  We just call it research.

Shhh, don’t tell.

Confession #3:

All those things that we adamantly tell you not to do.  We do those things on a regular basis.  You know what they are and no, we’ll never admit it.

Confession #4:

Unless there’s medication or surgery involved, you’re actually helping us more than we’re helping you.  We test stuff out on you all the time, but not as bad as we do on ourselves.  Sometimes.

Confession #5:

Our egos are like side view mirrors- objects may seem bigger than they really are.  We’re sensitive but act like we’re indestructible.  Again, we’ll never admit that to you.

Confession #6:

We forget things.  Like appointments, like how to count reps, like what we did with you the last time, we just forget.  This is why we usually reconfirm appointments again and again.  It’s not that we’ve forgotten about you, it’s just we’re really hoping we didn’t double-book anyone.

Confession #7:

You’ll never see us at our best.  You may hear about it, but you’ll never actually see it.  Because once we’ve given you our best, you may be let down by what comes after it.  What’s better than our best?

As tongue in cheek as these confessions are, I do it for a reason.

You may choose to work with different health professionals for many reasons.  Referrals, testimonials, they look the part, act the part or they just seem nice- these are all valid reasons.

But what you really need to do is find out what you can about any one who you think can help you.  What is their success rate?  What is their personality like?  Do you gel with them?  Do they respect your time and your lifestyle?

Are they a good fit?

But whatever you do, please realize that as amazing and wonderful as we all are (ahem), we are still human beings.

We’re not gods, we don’t have super-powers but we will do everything our power to help you.

And isn’t that the real reason you came here in the first place?

Who cares that you’re secretly in better shape than your trainer?

Who do you think got you there in the first place…

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