Do you take an All or Nothing Approach to Your Health?

I know how busy we all can get, right?


How come then, do so many of us think of our health in terms of the absolute?


Okay, let me break this down for you.


We are either going all out- we go to the gym and work out, we eat healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, we surround ourselves with positive people, places and thoughts.




We complain how little time we have to work out and if we go now, we only have 30 minutes so why bother.  We ignore the opportunity to get some good food into our bodies but go towards fast food because it’s faster and cheap.  Easy, right?

Well now the problem becomes this- if fast food is fast, cheap and easy and we are what we eat, then that makes us what?

Fast, cheap and easy too?

Not exactly.

I know, I heard the sighs of relief too!

Think of it this way, if what you’re putting INTO your body is fast, cheap and easy then what you’ll get out of it is fast, cheap and easy energy.

It’s like filling up your car’s tank with the something worse than the lowest grade of fuel out there. 

You get out of it what you put in.

So if you take an All or Nothing approach to health, then you’ll only be getting out of it what you put in.

Am I making this way too simple to understand?


The next time you think that doing one little positive thing for your health won’t make too much of difference, then think again. Every little change that you make, every positive step will help make you a healthier person.

Better yet, plan on taking baby steps.  Very few of us are capable of making huge, sweeping changes and then keeping up with them.  For good.

Break down your health goals into smaller, bite-sized pieces.  This will not only help you keep this newer, but smaller healthier habits, but it will fast-track you towards better health.

Once you have these small pieces, it makes it much easier to swallow, makes it much easier to try the next small piece and much easier to live a healthier life.

It doesn’t take much to do it and once you start building one little thing on top of another- the next you know, *whoosh* you’ve got yourself a genuine healthy life!

Go ahead, I dare you to try it!

What are you risking?  Things staying exactly the same?!

Hmm, I’d put my money on taking the chance!

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