A Goofy Retrospective of 2009

Believe it or not, but I’ve put off writing this for over a week.

No big reason why, no huge, daunting challenge BUT I figured “retrospective” spoke more to the very end of the year rather than the end of the year, but still needing to squeeze in just one more week.

When I look back on this year, there is one thought that keeps coming back to me over and over again.

This was a year for me where I constantly put myself in the position to stretch beyond my comfort zone.

What is my comfort zone?

Staying safe, staying in the same place, not being willing to speak my mind, to embrace who I am and what I really want out of my life, not being afraid to walk away from people and situations that no longer support me, resorting to behaviors that only allow me to ignore the truth and many other things.

What does it mean to you when I say the words “comfort zone”?

Are you living in your comfort zone or do you allow yourself to step outside of it, even momentarily?

When I look back at 2009, I see myself stepping out of my own comfort zone, but I know I can do better.

I stayed the course to build a business when the economy said otherwise.

I created a schedule of marathons that even I thought was too ambitious and in 11 short days will have successfully completed every single event with a smile on my face.

I allowed myself to take time off, to eat food that truly nourishes me, to enjoy my loved ones, to walk away without guilt from things that no longer fit my path.

2009  has been a good year to me, but I’m ready to move on.  I’m ready for the challenges and successes of 2010.

But first, my goofy challenge, my super big, I can do anything challenge.

On January 9th, I will run a half marathon, 13.1 miles through DisneyWorld in Orlando, Floriday.

On January 10th, I will run a full marathon, 26.2 miles, also through DisneyWorld.

This is a huge challenge for me- the perfect way to remind myself to step outside of what is normal, anticipated and even considered “enough” for the average person.  There is no comfort zone here, it has been pushed over to the side.

This is what makes me goofy in many people’s eyes, but in my own, I think that it’s just what I need to push myself even further outside of my comfort zone.

What will it take for you to be goofy?  What will it take for you to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to your life, your health, your family, your career, your relationships?

Your Challenge, if you choose to Accept it!

Find ways that you step outside of your comfort zone.  Better yet, determine what your comfort zone looks like.

If you had to choose the parameters, what would they be?

If you were to step one toe outside of that comfort zone, what would that look like?

Pretend its exactly one year into the future, what would you like to be able to say that you accomplished in 2010?

Act on it!  Step outside your comfort zone!  Better yet, blow it up!  Create a new comfort zone, one that actually fits who you are and what kind of life you’d like to have!

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