My 2011 Wish For You

As one year comes to a close and another begins, I can’t help but look back and see where these last 365 days have taken me.  More importantly, I take time to look ahead and see where the next 365 days will take me.

I’m also looking ahead to see where you’ll be in this coming year.

Have you thought about it?

Have you wondered what life has in store for you in 2011?

The better question would be this: where do you want to be when the clock strikes midnight and ushers in 2012?

Do you want to be thinner?  Richer?  In a stable and happy relationship?  In a better career?  Just plain happier?

What are those things that you put on your yearly to-do list in hopes that they’ll actually get done within the span of 2011?

In full disclosure, I’ve got the to-do lists to end all to-do lists.  It’s become a monster of a list where the end and beginning have all but disappeared.  Of course, I want to finish off my list but will that ever actually happen?  Even I don’t know that answer.

I can guess though, knowing who I am, that my list will never actually be complete.  I’ve got this “thing” where I like to be busy.  I like to always have stuff to do, things to accomplish, items to cross off my list triumphantly.  With this said, I’ll probably just keeping adding items to my list day by day all throughout 2011.

But there is one list that I have that’s pretty short.

This list contains just one item but it is one thing that I wish for above everything else.

This list, this one small item is also the one thing that I wish to give to you as we move from one year into the next.

It is my gift to you as we welcome in 2011.

What is it?

It is love- pure and simple unconditional love.

I wish for you the gift of giving and receiving unconditional love.

Why this gift?  And why is this gift significant now?

Despite all the ups and downs that any one of us can experience during the course of a year, it seems to me that this year has been extremely difficult on a lot of people.

I have seen such unhappiness, such anger and persistent stress.  It breaks my heart to see so many people suffering.

It is in this vein that I offer you one very simple gift.

May the love that I send to you this very moment spread throughout your body and infest your spirit so deeply that you are able to give this same gift to others.

May your heart be open to receiving this love fully and without condition.  Just being who you are automatically makes you worthy of receiving love and likewise, all the people who you come into contact with on a daily basis do so as well.

May your heart be open enough to offer this love to others, also without condition and without worry of having this love returned wholly to you.

May you give this love to others who may not have done anything outwardly to deserve it.

It is a gift that has no price but at the same time is completely priceless.

This is what I wish for you for 2011.

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  • Michelle

    What a beautiful sentiment. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad you liked it Michelle!

    Love is my theme for 2011- both in business & in life. I guess you can say it’s more of a lifestyle and less of a theme but either way, it’s a sign of things to come!

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