When you think of the word FREEDOM what image is conjured up in your mind?


Is it less of an image but more of a felt sense of what it would be like to be free?  Of maybe what your life could be like if you could just have a little bit more freedom in your daily routine?


What would you say if I told you that FREEDOM can be yours- easier & with much less work than you might imagine.

Freedom from

  • Body Weight Concerns

  • Distorted Body Image or Body Shame

  • Never Knowing Exactly What To Eat Or When To Eat It

  • Numbing Out With Food, Bad Relationships, Buying Stuff You Don’t Need Or Anything Else

  • Not Being Able To Find A Way To Exercise That Will Actually Get Results

  • Toxic Living- Through Your Food, Your Environment, Your Career, Your Relationships

  • The “Lack” Mentality, or There Will Never Be Enough For Me & What I Want From Life

  • Spending Too Much Time Doing All The “Healthy” Things You’ve Been Told To Do But Never Thought They Made A Difference For You

  • One Size Fits All Programs

  • Thinking About Giving Up, Settling, Being Alone Forever But Not By Choice, Or Thinking F*ck It Nothing Will Ever Work Out


Whatever FREEDOM means to you & wherever you find it, finding your FREEDOM is crucial if you are serious about being Healthy.


I’m not talking about half-hearted, I’d like to be a size smaller kind of healthy.


I’m talking about full-blown feeling it down to your gut “I want, no I NEED, to be healthier”, screaming it from the mountaintops.


I’m talking about embracing that burning desire to not have to go on medication after medication; the burning desire to *finally* feel comfortable- no CONFIDENT & SEXY in your body; the burning desire to eat real & really delicious food without fear of gaining weight, bloating or hating yourself in the morning; the burning desire to wear pants that have an elastic waistband ONLY because you choose to & not because they’re the only pants that fit.


I’m talking about taking you “From Toxic To Transformed, From Frantic To Free”

Sound good to you? Let’s rock & roll…

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